“The room was electric, as many people with different perspectives, spheres, and backgrounds shared a common goal, and a place to be inspired”

Kristi Brooks, a popular writer for North County’s Coastal Nonprofit sector, highlighted the exciting events at this years annual Unite North County Luncheon. May 2nd, 2018 marked the third annual luncheon for the Nonprofit organization didn’t fall short on producing an electrifying environment full of influential leaders, community members, and all those volunteers that tirelessly give all they can to improving all lives in their communities.

“Our theme this year was Investing in the Lives of our Youth”, passionately explained by Tina Butler, Executive Director of BroAm and member of Unite’s Strategic Action Leadership Team (SALT). This reflection plays back on the entire theme of this years Luncheon which was to emphasize the need to investing in the Youth of North County’s communities and giving back to those who are in unfortunate situations but allowing everyone the opportunity to learn and thrive on a equal playing field.

The Luncheon also allowed for recognition of some keynote Community Leaders, “One who felt worthy of recognition was Don Stump of North County Lifetime. Don and his team have worked to build self-reliance among youth, individuals, and families through problem solving, skill-building, and accessible community-based services”.

Don Stump, recipient of the 2018 Uniter Award Recognition, giving his moving acceptance speech at the Third Annual Unite North County Luncheon.

This years Keynote Speaker John O’Leary provided an inspiring speech that reflected back on a tragedy in his youth that shaped his outlook going forward, “John shared his experience of being burned over 100% of his body as an eight year old with no predicted chance of survival. Explaining how the loss of many fingers, scars across his body, and a seemingly limited frame didn’t stop his will to live.”

Referencing back to one of his greatest role models, Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Jack Buck, explaining how, “Jack, through baseball cards and thank you letters, taught him to fight, how to conquer things never imagined, and how to really live.” An incredibly motivating speech and a perfect way to end an event full of influential people passing on inspiration messages and actions.

“Loved the collegial, celebratory feel of like-minded people all under one roof”

This years North County Luncheon provided inspiration insight into the future of this Nonprofit and didn’t fail to produce inspiring Speakers who’s visions and aspirations continue to stoke the internal motivating fires of all those Community Leaders and Volunteers.

Thank you to the attendees of this event, to the leaders who are across the North County and throughout San Diego. You are an inspiration to our team, a reminder to keep pressing in and to stay united.

The third annual Unite North County Coastal Luncheon was filled to the brim with influential leaders, intent to see positive impacts across our cities of North County. The room was electric, as many people with different perspectives, spheres, and backgrounds shared a common goal, and a place to be inspired.

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