“I often find those that do not know where their next meal is coming from live right in our neighborhoods”

Living in a town with an affluent reputation, it’s often hard to imagine anyone with food insecurity. Don’t all of us have more than we really need? Therefore, it is quite humbling that as a volunteer who provides grocery deliveries to low income families, I often find those that do not know where their next meal is coming from live right in our neighborhoods.

Lee Christiansen, a correspondent and Unite North County Inland Team Member explains the harsh truths revolving around food insecurity here in the Greater San Diego Area, an area that from the outside looking in wouldn’t appear as a likely place for high percentages of adults not being able to adequately provide food for themselves and their families on a daily basis. However, as Aimee touches upon in her article, one would be remiss in thinking that way, as the brutal truth displays quite the opposite.

How Everyone Can Help!

Recently I was contacted by a fellow volunteer about a family needing food assistance. The family had committed to care for a terminally ill relative whose only nutrition was high protein liquid meals, such as Ensure. With a full-time workload and the increased household expenses of suddenly providing care and meals for an additional family member, the costs and emotional burden escalated.

This is the heart of our Unite vision – to help people in need once again thrive in their community by aiding and helping to “connect the dots” wherever possible to local organizations that can assist.

This is where our community pantry stepped in to help. Just one week of meals to a family in a month can help free up enough cash flow so that a family in need has enough left over to pay the utility bill or gas for the car and avoid going deep into debt.

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